Month: July 2011

Ammp / From the back of the Sun

As a regular music critic it’s within my dna to detest and loathe any product that leans towards solid commercialism. Yet, I recognize quality when I see it. And these boys are the deal! Former St Pats Townies Andy Masseurs and Mathew along with fellow Wellingtonians Andrew Richardson and Jason

Grant Haua – Knucklehead

If you’ve kicked around the BOP in the last few you would have seen bluesman Grant Haua on a pub or festival stage at some point.  His sweet, gravelly voice and trademark rapier sharp guitar playing is instantly recognisable and definitively his own product.  Like Paul Ubana Jones he can

The Tenderizers/Love Me Tender

Don’t judge this album by its naff cover alone. On first look, glance you’d be forgiven thinking this was some weird pycho-billy rocker outfit. Yet listening to John Newton’s Tenderizers, you’re more likely to think it’s a Roger Whittaker impersonator at a Jim Croce’ tribute concert. Recent press has built

The Kumpanee / The Kumpanee Ball

This is the bomb! I laughed right out loud! It took me right back to the early concept hip hop of De La Soul and Cypress Hill. Loosely based some surreal dream, the ‘Ball’ is madcap compilation of well crafted rhymes peppered with some delicious Bro-fonk harmonies, jazzy rhythms and