Month: July 2011

Esoligh / A part of my whole life

Tossing together elements as diverse as tai chi, yoga, meditation, underground freestyle, original samples and a splash of te reo North Shore resident David Patterson (AKA Esoligh) is about as mixed as a market day stir fry. This little sample of fresh ‘n’ crunchy tunes pays homage to 80’s funk

Barnaby Weir – Tarot Card Rock – Native Tongue (records)

I once discussed packaging with Black Seeds front man Barnaby Weir, on the impending release of the 2nd Fly My Pretties album. Weir was adamant about the need to build a strong brand and to deliver a product “that people would want to treasure”. Which is what he’s delivered here,

A new Selection of album reviews

Below are three album reviews written for the New Zealand Musician between January and July 2011. Stompin’ Nick and His Blues Grenade Christchurch based Stomping Nick Jackman is a true one man band playing bass drum, snare, wailing harmonica and some bad ass Southern snake oiled guitar distortion all simultaneously. It’s