Sing Along With The Yoots – Economy Records

Sing Along With The Yoots

Sing Along With The Yoots

The concoction of Fat Freddy’s bubbly, terry towel trackie trombonist Joe ‘Hopepa ‘ Lindsay, this fine disc serves up some delicious brassy, and at times moochy dance hall renditions of classic Maori show tunes and strum-alongs. The Yoots are bot you background jives at your next garage partay and the best local Kareoke band in the land – and best of all its all in te reo (Well, at least you’ll be singing in te reo, as technically these are all instrumentals but you get the idea). Once the idea of a brass heavy album of dusty ol’ numbers like Tutira Mai, E Papa Waiari, A.E.I.O.U would have repulsed me to the core of my coolness bones. But thanks to Hopepa and his dragnet of Freddy’s players I have been enlightened. Not since the demise of National Radio’s Brass Programme have my speakers sung with such joyous clarity and nostalgic pining. So, a wee nod to the Masterings of Mike Gibson and the Engineering of Mike August. And, further head moves go to Jeff Konig’s eye catching sign written door – inspired touch of fromage, that! The sun will shine for ever more down on the toes of this band of merry horns. Overall, cheesy, breezy and skankin’ good!

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