Month: January 2012

Tahuna Breaks

Published in Groove Guide 2011. Tim Gruar interrupts the hum drum of family life to talk with Tahuna Breaks front man Marty Green tree. Greetree has been left holding the baby, literally. When I call the vocalist and lead guitarist he’s just arrived home from work and has been abandoned

Flannel Vision – Neil Finn’s Pajama Club

Published in the Groove Guide – December 2011 It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked personally with Mr Finn. In fact the last time I interviewed him he was in the studio at Radio Active pushing some new project he’d formed with the drummer of Split Enz and the

Rem-Urge – Urge Overkill are Back

Published in The Groove Guide – February 2012 It was halfway through my interview with Eddie “King” Roeser that I realised his band Urge Overkill had played the ’95 Big Day out along with Soundgarden.  And, here they both were back in the country over the next couple of months. 

The Little Willies – For the Good Times

Published in the Groove Guide Feb 2011 It’s been six years between albums for this NYC country folk collective but the hunkering for twangy Americana still remains.  Norah Jones (piano/vox), Richard Julian (vox), Jim Campilongo (guitar), Lee Alexander (bass) and Dan Rieser (drums) are not really a super group per