Month: March 2013

Interview with Beth Orton

This article will be published shortly in the Groove guide. To promote the tour, i’m reeasing the full version here: Sweet Mother’s kitchen Picking up from The Comfort of Strangers Beth Orton’s new album Sugaring Season shows another bold departure, taking traditional folk instrumentation into some unfamiliar territory, shifting from

Paul Kelly – Old St Paul’s Wellington – 22nd March 2013

The evening kicked off with Aucklander Lydia Cole. Her diminutive frame and barely there song constructs created a package that centred on the rejected world of a 22 year old girl drowning in the backwash from the sea of love. However, her voice showed a restrained power and professionalism beyond

Neil Young TSB Arena Wellington 19 March 2013

Hey Hey, My My, My Neil Young will never die!  Yeah, I know it’s a cliché’ but still pretty true.  And this is a night for cliché’s.  Wearing scruffy jeans, an Aboriginal flag T-shirt and a work shirt, he kicks off with God Defend New Zealand (Neil always starts with

The WORLD comes to Taranaki! What a Blast! World Of Music and Dace Festival – New Plymouth, NZ 15-17 March 2013

This review was first published at Photos by Tim Gruar Before you read this you have to know that this is a very personal perspective, because experiencing this particular festival is and should be a very individual experience.  There’s virtually no way you can take in every event, every

Me, Myself and Joan

Published in the Groove Guide March 2013 Wouldn’t you know it.  I’ve just fed, bathed and put them both down and I have 10 minutes before singer songwriter Joan Armatrading is scheduled to call.  I’m half way through checking out her new album when my two year old wanders in