Month: May 2013

Laughing Lines – Jaz Coleman Interview

Printed in the Groove Guide, May 2013 Despite having been a resident Jaz Coleman’s seminal neu-punk-goth out fit Killing Joke have never before plated in Aotearoa. Now, finally on the back of a worldwide singles-best of tour the original, essential line-up of Coleman, Youth, Geordie and Paul Ferguson finally put

Semi-Permanent Transit Lounge

Production designer Annie Sperling will be presenting this week at this year’s biggest commercial art gig Semi-Permanent. Sperling has one of the coolest jobs in the world, designing sets for commercials, music videos and feature films. She’s been outrageous fashion photographer David LaChapelle’s primary designer since 2005 creating numerous stunning

Book Review: Athfield Architects by Julia Gatley – Auckland University Press $75.00

Anyone who’s grown up in Lower Hutt, especially around the council chambers will be familiar with Plishke’s austere, post-holocaustal modernity. The Bunker style Library, which resembles an ice cream factory or an enormous fridge; the soul-less clock towered council chambers; the stark, mater-of-fact-ness of the town hall and the Agricultural