Month: November 2013

Interview with Rhian, just Prior to the Wellington show : Tales from Elsewhere – Oct 2 2013

The first time I met electronic artist/composer Rhian Sheehan was when I was babysitting his daughter, Niva. He’d just released his first album Paradigm Shift on the fledgling label Loop. It was constructed in the dingy spare room of his Newtown flat. Yet despite this tiny biosphere his subjects, and

Rhian Sheehan – Stories From Elsewhere – State Opera House 2 October 2013

The Earth is in its Menopausal state, I am reminded by Loop Records’ manager, it seems the planet is going through a midlife crisis, suffocated by air pollution, drained of it’s natural resources and over populated. This is the clear and simple message composer Rhian Sheehan wants to get across