Month: May 2014


“I hadn’t thought of that,” laugh Lloyd Cole, after contemplating my suggestion to open his Christchurch show with John Hatford’s “California Earthquake”, Read the full INTERVIEW: Lloyd Cole  

NZ International Comedy Festival Reviews – May 2014

All reviews published on REVIEW: Urzila Carlson ‘Poise Control’ @ San Francisco Bath House Wellington, Tues 6th May 2014 Carlson tells the room that she thought up the title for her show before she realised that Poise was a feminine hygiene product. It was the opening gambit for many

Kimbra at WOMAD 2014

Reprinted from Groove Guide 30 April 2014 The drive from Wellington to New Plymouth took considerably longer than expected. By Hawera I was getting really concerned we weren’t going to make our 2.30 appointment.  Beside me, my daughter McKenzie, my ‘cub reporter’, was frantically texting the WOMAD publicist to buy