Month: August 2014

The Rise and Fall of National Women’s Hospital – A History – Linda Bryder (AUP)

A little over four years ago social historian Linda Bryder suggested that the infamous investigation into the so called ‘unfortunate experiment’ at National Women’s hospital, the Cartwright Report held over 1987 -88 somehow got it all wrong. Her book ‘A History of the Unfortunate Experiment at National Women’s Hospital’ opened

Interview: Mark Potter (Elbow)

It t’was the night before Wednesday and all through the night it rained cats and dogs, w’out relief in sight.  A fair winter’s chill had befallen July and n’er this even’ I remain dry.  So t’was whilst purchasing bread and milk in the shop that the phone did ring and

Melody Pool – Interview

Written for Melody Pool21 year old Aussie singer/songwriter Melody Pool describes herself as “currently in limbo”, hanging out in her o Pool is a self-starter, using crowd sourcing to fund her way to Nashville to record alongside US singer Jace Everett (his song ‘Bad Things’ is the theme tune

Book Review: Speed of Light by Joy Cowley

As published on There’s no question that any novel by Joy Cowley will make you think and suck you in. She’s not only a great story teller but a clever narrative architect. This is a simple tale of a boy whose life is surrounded by chaos. He is visited by a