Month: September 2014


Republished in Rip It Up – May 2014 “I hadn’t thought of that,” laugh Lloyd Cole, after contemplating my suggestion to open his Christchurch show with John Hatford’s “California Earthquake”, “I like the obvious irony in that.”  Cole tells me he came across the song when he was looking

RÜFÜS’ Jon George chats to Rip It Up Republished from Rip It Up – June 2014 Bringing their show to NZ shores for the first time, the RÜFÜS live experience is a combines live instruments, electronic production, and skilled pop and a dare to dance mentality to the Studio, this Thursday. Tim Gruar had a quick chat

Interview: Mi-Sex keyboardist Murray Burns

Reprinted from the original – Rip It Up August: The first time I heard ’80s Kiwi icons Mi-Sex was in the basement of my school hall. My Form 2 teacher had bought a job lot of excess cassettes from the EMI factory in Lower Hutt and was selling them