Month: June 2015

Thoughts on ANZAC Day.

Originally published on the groovefm Facebook page in mid April 2015 With the 100th year commemorations of WWI there comes an outpouring vicarious emotion and jingoistic fervour as both individuals and states alike clamour to align themselves with the myth of righteous sacrifice. There are two phrases that will be

Book Review: Glory, by Rachael Billington

Mozart once referred to Opera as a conversation with many people all speaking at once, and yet all are perfectly understood. In this, the Centenary year of the Gallipoli campaign, there will be many conversations, many stories and many points of view. As I write this, Kiwis are joining in mass

The Warratahs: Their Song Remains The Same

Meeting Warratah’s vocalist Barry Saunders at the Wellington railway station feels very right. Very comfortable. After all, the band has spent a fair part of their career in bars, playing to regular folk, locals and people passing through. He’s the same. Dressed in a brown car coat, shirt with the