Month: May 2016

Mavis Staples – Livin’ On A Higher Note (Anti-)

I heard that America is considering replacing one of their White Male Presidents with a suitably famous female figure on one of their bank notes.  The most likely candidate, if it does ever happen, would be Rosa Parks.  But I’d suggest a second candidate: Mavis Staples.  By now most people

Charles Bradley – Changes (Dunham)

A few years ago I got to meet Charles Bradley, as part of the promotion of his appearance at the International Arts Festival in Wellington.  We talked a lot about his backstory and how James Brown saved him.  And about he found escapism in the character of the Godfather of

Damien Binder – A New World (Binder)

We here at The 13th Floor were lucky to get a visit from Sydney based singer-songwriter Damien Binder, who popped in to promote his new album A New World, his fourth solo effort, and he very kindly played three songs for us.  Recorded in both over here and across the

Graham Nash – This Path Tonight (Blue Castle)

This is Nash’s first solo effort in nearly 14 years.  And there is something of a question over it.  Why now?  What’s driving the need to come to the surface again?  True, former colleagues like Neil Young and David Crosby have been motivated to speak out against the sad state

Tahuna Breaks: Last Time Around (Interview)

Influenced by artists ranging from James Brown to Daft Punk, Auckland outfit Tahuna Breaks have been making a mean mash up of funk, disco, soul, live electronica and roots for over 12 years.  They’re a group that have grown and contracted over the years, with live configurations varying between six