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Record Store Day – 22 April 2017

New Poster work

Book Review: The Invisible Mile by David Coventry

Published at www. 45-year-old Wellington writer David Coventry hadn’t really seriously written before. He had one book in his desk drawer – his ‘learning to write’ exercise from his Uni days – so writing a novel was probably not on the cards. But then an email arrived that set the wheels

Pride and Prejudice Poster

‘allo ‘allo Poster (new work)

This is a new poster – for Newlands’ New Players

New Artwork (by Tim Gruar)

This is the Randell Cottage Open Day Poster

Bill Bailey Interview

Featured in Rip It Up – August 2014 Comedian Bill Bailey has to take his phone calls from his office because the racket from his ever growing menagerie of exotic creatures is to much a distraction.  “It’s always the same.  Soon as the phone goes the Dingos start howling.  They