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Reb Fountain’s brilliant new album

Reb Fountain – Self-titled (Flying Nun Records) I first met Californian born Reb Fountain during her tour of her 2008 ‘Holster’ album when her bandmate Sam Prebble (also performing as Bond Street Bridge) introduced us at Blink’s wonderful Happy Bar in Wellington. That album still sits on my high rotation

Brian and Roger Eno – Mixing Colours

Originally featured at: “The more you listen to this, particularly with the fabulous worlds that Brian has created, you can really walk into this enormous landscape and stay.” – Roger Eno In these unprecedented times anxieties are escalating.  Sometimes you want calming music.  Something to escape into, drift away. 

The Dream Syndicate – ‘The Universe Inside’

First published: The Dream Syndicate were one of those US alt-rock/neo-psychedelia bands that injected the vibrance of the Paisley Underground into the depressive veins of the late 80’s, at a time when music was dominated by fatalism courtesy of Margaret Thatcher and Joy Division.  Their first two albums –

Review: Bailey Wiley – Bailey Wiley EP

First appeared: If the name is slightly familiar then it’s possible you’ve been to a Fly My Pretties show recently. That’s when this young, vibrant soul singer’s talent bubbled up towards the mainstream. But she’s been around for a while. A ‘Naki’ girl, originally, Wiley grew up with the

Plum Green – Sound Recordings

First published: When I first reviewed folk-goth siren Plum Green back in 2012 I may have been a bit harsh. I compared her performance on her debut to Rushes to Evanescence’s Amy Lee, noting that this was a singer in search of her voice. With this new collection, I