Over the years I’ve done a number of interviews for radio – principally for  These were often done under my radio moniker The CoffeeBar Kid.  Below are links to some of that work.

Interview with Ruth Hobday – 200 Women

Post Modern Jukebox – Scott Bradlee Interview

WOMAD 2016 HAZMAT MODINE – Wade Schuman IV

WOMAD – The Jerry Cans Interview


Interview with one of the international artists performing at WOMAD 2016. “The 13th Floor’s Tim Gruar talks to members of South Korean drum ensemble Tago who give him a demonstration of a few of their traditional instruments.”


Interview with Graeme Simpson – author of The Rosie Project

The CoffeeBar Kid Interviews Nadia Lim

The CoffeeBar Kid in Conversation with composer John Psathas

The CoffeeBar Kid interviews Wellington band The Raskolnikovs

The CoffeeBar Kid Interviews Paula Green

The CoffeeBar Kid Interviews Janet Hunt about Our Big Blue Backyard

The CoffeeBar Kid interviews Age Pryor
(Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra)

The CoffeeBar Kid interviews Reuben Bradley

The CoffeeBar Kid interviews the cast from
the outrageous new show at Circa Theatre – Don Juan

Interview with the actors for NZ Festival Show: The ACB with Honora Lee

The CoffeeBar Kid interviews Tim Barcode about his new show – Wolf





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