Month: July 2016

Kongos – Egomaniac

Kongos are a family affair.  Brothers, in fact – the four sons of South African Sixties rocker John Kongos, who’s best known for his 1971 top 10 hit single, He’s Gonna Step On You Again.  Yes, the very song that was remade in the 90’s by Manc tripsters Happy Mondays

Lawrence Arabia – Absolute Truth (Flying Nun)

  Good ol’ James Milne.  We’re so happy to have you back.  It’s been nearly 4 years since your last release, The Sparrow, a sublime and truly satisfying album.  With clever, twisted songs like Early Kneecaps and Travelling Shoes creating deliciously determined earworms it seemed almost inconceivable that you could

Ladyhawke – Bodega, Wellington – 22 July 2016

Although it may be rooted in the sweet soul pop and glam of the early 1990’s Pip Brown’s music and stage performance remains a crisper, more economical version those glamorous disco idols like Michael Jackson and Donna Summer.   As we’ve come to expect, Brown appears without fanfare on Bodega’s small

Broods – Shed 5,Wellington – 17 July 2016

“Thank you, Wellington,” announced Georgia Nott, midway through tonight’s set.  “Thanks for coming out to see us on such a cold night.  We’ve a full house.  But then this is like a home coming, and, as you probably know, we’re pretty much related to half of New Zealand!”  She was

Felice Brothers- Life in the dark (Yep Roc)

First published on The wonderful Felice Brothers (2 real and several ‘adopted’) are back again, and the world is better for it.  Bringing with them is their own fairy tale version of America, a place that can no longer exist in this bitter world of shopping mall terrorism and