Cape Palliser Lighthouse (Mātakitaki-a-Kupe)

Cape Palliser Lighthouse is owned and operated by Maritime New Zealand. It was built in 1897 and was originally fueled by oil. In 1954 the oil lamp was replaced with an electric lamp, powered a local diesel generator. Subsequently it was connected up to the mains grid in 1967, although a diesel generator is still on site, in case of emergencies. In 1986 the light was fully automated, now managed from a control room in Wellington.

Pūtangirua Pinnacles, Cape Palliser

The Pūtangirua Pinnacles, are a geological formation and one of New Zealand’s best examples of badlands erosion, consisting of earth pillars or hoodoos found at head of a valley in the Aorangi Ranges.

Welcome Ngawi, Cape Palliser

More bulldozers per capita than anywhere else.

Reb Fountain – IRIS (Flying Nun Records)

Reb Fountain returns with an album inspired by the gods and myths from Greek Classics, the perfect sequel to her stunning self-titled album. A voyage to Siren’s cove – deep water brooding, catchy, with hooks and barbs that will reel you in – and hang your soul out to dry.

Backstage at a Murder

I took these photos during New Player’s Season of ‘Murder On The Menu’, October 2021. Photos – tim_gruar@timgruar

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