Jenny Mitchell 11th September 2022 Meow, Wellington

Last month I wrote an interview with Country artist Jenny Mitchell. Her new album, her third, ‘Tug Of War’, was recorded via Zoom and online just over two years ago. It features the stellar singles ‘Trouble Finds a Girl’ (2022 APRA Country Music Song of the Year), ‘Somehow’, ‘Lucy’, ‘Snakes in the Grass’, and new track, ‘If You Were a Bird’.

Jenny Mitchell – Small Concert (secret Cuba St. Location) 30 November

On a hot and sunny November evening I was lucky enough to catch of a very personal concert by upcoming Country Star, Jenny Mitchell at a secret location in upper Cuba Street. Here are a few shows from the gig.

Great Sounds Great – 10th December 2022, Cuba Street Precinct, Wellington

Auckland has The Others Way and other cool indie smallfests and have done for some time. We, down here in Pōneke, have been just a little bit envious of that. But, finally, thanks to independent Eyegum Music Collective, we have a party just for us.

Mel Parsons – San Fran, Wellington 16 October 2022

After recently reviewing Mel Parsons’ new album, ‘Slow Burn’ I was super keen to see her on stage again.  How would these songs work live?  

The Sisters of Mercy, Hunter Lounge, 26 October, Wellington NZ, 2022

It’s hard to imagine this peaceful room, where many students hang out in the daytime to study, chat, or debate obscure political viewpoints could ever transform into the lair of some black sonic visionary like Andrew Eldritch.

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