Queen + Adam Lambert, Wellington NZ, 2020

First appeared at: https://www.ambientlightblog.com/queen-adam-lambert-wellington-nz-2020/  For the last five days I’ve been looking out my office windows, spying on the construction of a massive multi-story stage going up inside the Capital’s Sky Stadium – aka ‘The Cake Tin’. Any big show at the stadium is special due to the amount of

Same Planet Different Orbit: A PLUTO Interview

First appeared at: https://www.ambientlightblog.com/same-planet-different-orbit-a-pluto-interview/ There’s a famous line from that great Ackroyd/Balushi movie The Blues Bothers: “We’re getting the band back together!” That’s exactly what’s happened to Auckland based alt-pop crew PLUTO (Pipe Lines Under The Ocean)  who, after a 10 year break, have managed to almost seamlessly remerge back onto

Three Penny Opera – Wgtn Repertory Theatre (June 2019)

From his lofty position in the lighting box Tim Gruar took a few sneaky snaps of this year’s production.  He’s collected together the choicest cuts and created two albums that capture talent and magic of this show.  Photos – Part 1 & Part 2 Feel free to email him at tim_gruar@yahoo.com

Review: Bailey Wiley – Bailey Wiley EP

First appeared: https://www.ambientlightblog.com/bailey-wiley-bailey-wiley-ep/?fbclid=IwAR1EuYdYaR41rodCAu65HpZToA9-G5CrrUg1JzZVPY8YZmjHv4wkMqttJHg If the name is slightly familiar then it’s possible you’ve been to a Fly My Pretties show recently. That’s when this young, vibrant soul singer’s talent bubbled up towards the mainstream. But she’s been around for a while. A ‘Naki’ girl, originally, Wiley grew up with the

Stuff Of Inspiration: An Eyreton Hall Interview

Originally appeared: https://www.ambientlightblog.com/stuff-of-inspiration-an-eyreton-hall-interview/ Auckland-based duo Eyreton Hall’s upcoming album Spaces, will has just been released this month.  And it’s a collection of music that dives deeply into parenthood, pathos and philosophy. At it’s core, the jazz-folk team is comprised of husband and wife team Toni Randle and Andrew Keegan. Their 2014

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