Pop Will Eat Itself, Wellington NZ, 2022

England’s finest genre-blenders Pop Will Eat Itself (aka PWEI aka Poppies aka 80’s grebos) have returned. The last time I saw them I was still at Uni. That was before the glaciers started melting! Yep, for me it has been a long time between sips of the soda pop. I loved their wit and sarcasm, the way they spliced irony, hard-core and retro together and shook up the old tropes of the music industry templates. So I was keen to see if my teenage pop heroes could still live up to the legend I’d build in my own headphones.

Photos from A Relatively Uneventful Evening

Check out photos and poster from New Players’ Production of A Relatively Uneventful Evening.

Seamus Johnson, Ills Winter, Plum Green, Wellington NZ, 2022

This past week the weather has shown its true fury across the motu with the torrent of rains, thunder, lightening, high winds that rattle the shutters and dark clouds banishing all daylight. Somehow this seemed appropriate for tonight’s feast of Blues, Dark Music and Psych-rock.

Move It In May – Photos

A slideshow of recent photography taken during May 2022

Wellington Architecture – A Walking Guide – John Walsh, Photos by Patrick Reynolds (Massey University Press)

In this informative pocket guide, writer John Walsh teams up with photographer Patrick Reynolds to offer a tour of a century and a half of Wellington’s architecture. It tells the stories of more than 120 significant central-city buildings, and also of the architects who designed them. I decided to do one of the tours in the book. This is what I saw.

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