Auckland-based electro-synth duo Yery Cho and Carl Ruwhiu (aka Imugi ​이무기) made a big splash when they hit Laneway in 2019, off the back their debut EP ‘Vacasian’ (2017) and their gorgeous haze-filled video ‘Greensmoke’.  And now, after two year’s quiet, they are back with a new street-smart, funky release

Review – Norah Jones – Pick Me Up Off The Floor

Norah Jones is a frustrating artist to pin down. Industry types always want to bag her as a jazz artist, but she’s turned her hand a pretty much everything – Country, Americana, Blues.  There’s her tongue-in-cheek indie-rock band El Madmo and her honey-sweet doo-wop Garage outfit Puss ‘N’ Boots.  A

Album review: The Beths – Jump rope gazers

During the six-month recording of this album, Elizabeth Stokes (vocals, guitars), Jonathan Pearce (lead guitar, producer), Benjamin Sinclair (bass) and Tristan Deck (drums) started to think about all the friends that had left their hometown, Auckland, to pursue their passions overseas.  Remaining in touch with mates who’d scattered to the four winds became harder and harder.  The band knows

Album review: JARV IS – Beyond the Pale

Explain yourself, Mr Cocker.  What is this beast, you have created?  “JARV IS… an ongoing live experience because life is an ongoing live experience” exclaims the press release, “THIS IS NOT A LIVE ALBUM – it’s an ALIVE ALBUM.”   A bold and pretentious claim.  Don’t believe the hype.  But give

Stay at home festival!

Says it all, folks.

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