Tim Gruar : Freelance Journalist & Project Professional

Well, you found your way here!  Welcome. How to explain? I could be best described as an artist, writer and communicator hell-bent on detail and delivery! One side of me wants to get the spelling right, get the goods on time and under budget.  The other half is a dreamer, with vision and insight.  I love the big picture and the story behind what we do and why we do it.  I love music, so you’ll find me at gigs, events and launches.  I also love books and write for a number of book blogs.  Check out the links below.

On these pages, you’ll find work for theatre, music magazines and assorted art projects.  If you need a poster or a bit of copy, perhaps a flyer or a website -then give us a buzz at the usual channels.  Oh, and thanks for stopping by.  Straighten up and fly right!

email: tim_gruar@yahoo.com

Phone: 00 64 4 566 2505

Mobile: NZ 027 230 6868

Websites I contribute to:



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