Month: June 2010

Knights of the Dub Table

Fearful for the future of his people, King Tubby sent his most trusted advisor to recruit the Knights of the DUB Table…who would honour and protect his way of life, and the way of the DUB (Dedication, Unity, Brotherhood).” So reads The Greater Story of the Knights… Link to article

Anika Moa – Love in Motion

(Published In Groove Guide May 2010) Before beginning, I must congratulate Moa on her recent marriage to Burlesques artiste Azaria Universe -who, it turns out, was married by the same celebrant as myself. I only mention this because when I heard “I Am the Woman Who Loves You” I immediately understood

Raashi Malik – Celestial Traveller

    (Published in NZ Musician May 2010) I’d been trying to get jazz/soul vocalist Raashi Malik in front of a microphone for nearly a month. First I cancelled, then she forgot. But third time lucky. Mrs Rhian Sheehan finds a window of time to pop in to my Wellington

Down Home Self Sufficiency

(Farmer Pimp Interview Published in Groove Guide 19 April 2010)  On line from Auckland, the band’s vocalist/co-writer, Claire Holmes, nails the essence of the band’s debut “Sweet Hot Pepper Pop”, due to hit April 26. There’s a hardware store advert featuring kids in a sandbox discussing a crib wall job.