Ammp / From the back of the Sun



As a regular music critic it’s within my dna to detest and loathe any product that leans towards solid commercialism. Yet, I recognize quality when I see it. And these boys are the deal! Former St Pats Townies Andy Masseurs and Mathew along with fellow Wellingtonians Andrew Richardson and Jason Murphy have consistently built their sound up to stadium overlord status. Their bio is a veritable role call of NZ On Air awards and grants and while you just wanna scream ‘sell outs!’ for the tallest building there’s no denying the soaring guitars, gargantuan bass and steely, pounding drums (Ironman, The Hunted). Ammp perform all the theatrics of a band that knows how to use a studio and a producer, in this case Simon Holloway (Dane Rumble). From Muse to U2 they’ve crafted their presence well. This is a band that is in control from the get go and Andrew Massuers’s voice has the perfect 80’s pop power to rule the stage (Let the sunlight in, and the sweeter Say I will). It’s a note perfect performance. Perhaps a little too clean. Like I said from the outset this is too close to head office for me but that should stop this band from clocking some well earned recognition and a major signing. And I’ll be spitting at their limo when it does!

NZ Musician July 2011

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