Esoligh / A part of my whole life



Tossing together elements as diverse as tai chi, yoga, meditation, underground freestyle, original samples and a splash of te reo North Shore resident David Patterson (AKA Esoligh) is about as mixed as a market day stir fry. This little sample of fresh ‘n’ crunchy tunes pays homage to 80’s funk and whilst dothing cloth to the production of, the mana of Upper Hutt Posse and groove of Pops Cool Love. Hey Hey Hey and the beautifully retro twee My Whole Life are giggle inducing slices of everyday drudge wrapped in cool ambition. With reference to leaf blowing council worker MC’s and some cute lines (“I’m tripping over my beat and some other things….”) my faith in the delicious irony hip hop can provide is slowly being restored. Growth Process has a nice and sinister dark drop and some oddly appropriate lone wolf pipes drifting through it. With guests from various crew and soul sisters Esoligh is the smarted class clown since Tourettes spat and cursed his way onstage. If the man’s this good with a home kit and a Warehouse microphone, then watch what he can in a real studio!

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