The Target – David Baldacci (Will Robie#3)

David Baldacci - The Target

The mission is to enter one of the most secretive countries and extract the adopted family of an America-friendly North Korean General.  Meanwhile an equal adversary, an assassin borne and bred in the much feared labour camps of that country is plotting to take out the members of the First Family.  Enter into the mix CIA agents Will Robie and Jessica Reel.  Mix in some Southern White Trash Neo-Nazis and a disgruntled CIA high-Chain of command and you’ve got yourself an overcomplicated spy thriller packed with good ‘ol cartoon violence, exaggerated egos and a ridiculously large amount of unnecessary blood and gore.  Of course only the baddies die.  There are a few unresolved issues pertaining to previous books (this is #3 in an on-going series) but in reality this one is still self contained.  There’s not much I can add other than it’s a story for the moment.  I was never on the edge of my seat – but it did entertain me during those train journeys to and fro to my much more mundane day job.  I can fantasise a little, can’t I?

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