Review: Summer Twins – Limbo

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Twenty something sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown have served up a cinematic retro mixtape of 50’s sock hop ‘Juju’, ‘Blinds’; Bassey era Bond music ‘Demons’ and mid 90’s alt pop.

‘Stop and Go’ and ‘So Funny’ remind me, particularly, of the Milkman or Julianna Hadfield – ethereal, playful, dreaminess layered with harmonies and tinges of 60’s psychedelica.  Avoiding the mediocre, the arrangements are inspired, like the mirror-ball Prom dance tempo from a well-placed lap steel on “Our World” or the jogging chords on fire which instantly remind of Bow Wow Wow’s “I want Candy”.

Production-wise Chris Woodhouse (Thee of Sees, Ty Segal) has kept it low key and clean. The bass and guitars clank around on the edges of the tweeters, like it was all recorded on cheap equipment but I love the energy and zest.

Ultimately, this is a great record for your summer drives, and that’s gotta be good.

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