100 Favourite Songs #98 ‘Just Another Female Singer’ – Nicole Andrews

Nicole Andrews is my latest discovery.  I happened across her at the Wellington Public Library and instantly fell in love with her sound – across between Tori Amos and Kate Bush.  Her lyrics are thoughtful and ironic and challenging.  Her music is unique but familiar.  This song, in particular sums up many struggling artists looking for that big break.  And, yes, I think she does deserve some worthy recognition.

Nicole is a self-taught pianist from Portland Oregon, now based in Wellington New Zealand. Her eclectic debut album, In the Shallows, is a collection of introspective songs with echoes of Amos, PJ Harvey and a smidgen of Massive Attack.

Nicole’s piano driven music and haunting vocals are showcased alongside beautiful and intriguing arrangements of strings, organ, drums, synth, distortion and more. The result is a raw and truthful album that challenges you to explore your own inner darkness.


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