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Album review: The Beths – Jump rope gazers

During the six-month recording of this album, Elizabeth Stokes (vocals, guitars), Jonathan Pearce (lead guitar, producer), Benjamin Sinclair (bass) and Tristan Deck (drums) started to think about all the friends that had left their hometown, Auckland, to pursue their passions overseas.  Remaining in touch with mates who’d scattered to the four winds became harder and harder.  The band knows

Sola Rosa Moves Into New Spaces (Interview)

Originally appeared on https://www.13thfloor.co.nz/sola-rosa-moves-into-new-spaces-interview/ Sola Rosa (aka Andrew Spraggon) is back with a new ep, In Spaces, building on his reputation for creating a wild fusion of genres – everything from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, Latin and funk. This time he’s employing a few Euro-industrial elements as well.

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