I’ve been Busy! Two New Posters : Trick of the Light and Black Adder II

Trick of the Light : This is the poster for a show about Arthur Allen Thomas, and two murders at an infamous motel ….

Two linked plays.  The same motel three decades apart.  
Two generations, and the long shadow of a famous murder case.
A brother and a sister bring their mother’s ashes to the motel.  It was her dying wish.  But why?  Is there a key here to past secrets?  How is the mystery of that past mirrored in their own lives and relationships?
Then, thirty years earlier the parents have come to the motel.  He is a policeman, working on a controversial murder retrial.  She has her own ideas.  How do they deal with conflicting loyalties, trust and truth, and one another?
A passionate search for answers to the mysteries of the past and present……

Click here to see this poster and much more : http://www.flickr.com/photos/freshthinking/4972281263/

And a Play so Cunning – You Could Put a Tale on It and Call it Theatre!

Click here to see this poster and much more : http://www.flickr.com/photos/freshthinking/4972894864/in/photostream/

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