Album Review – Eva Prowse – I Can’t Keep Secrets

(Written For Groove Guide – November 2010)   

Allow me to locate that nagging thought. Prowse was that girl with the violin on stage earlier this year with Barnaby Weir’s ‘Fly My Pretties’ Project.  So no surprise, really, that she’s hooked up with ‘Dr’ Lee Prebble at Wellington’s Surgery Studios.  Prebble’s deft fingertips are all over this one.  Like Jess Chambers, before her, Prowse has a soft, charismatic voice which Prebble gently polishes but never embellishes.  Her songs are neither pure country nor folk but sit some where in between, bolstered by quirky titles of the mundane and esoteric. “Vegemite and Spaceships” sets the tone for the album.  Hook laden, understated and peppered with throwaways like “I log off at night so I won’t take all day to wake up”.  Then, there’s gentle surprises, like the 50’s surf strum on “Sophocles Sarcophagus” and Prowse’s own haunting violin floating over the plot of one of Herge’s finest.  Not an obvious choice for a melody but evidence of some special talent we hope to see more of soon.  

(3/5 Stars)

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